Jennifer Tuman

I help HR leaders develop people and enable business success through the power of peer-group

Action Learning Coaching

I help HR leaders develop people and enable business success through the power of peer-group

Action Learning Coaching

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When you work with me, we’ll customize your Action Learning Coaching program to deliver results that exceed what’s possible in one-on-one coaching.

What is Action Learning Coaching?

Action Learning Coaching is a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching that fosters employee engagement and well-being while enhancing organizational performance. Deep connections and learning occur – even when all members of the group are remote. 

Your organization will benefit from increased creativity, resilience and adaptability when you choose Action Learning Coaching as a high-impact development opportunity for employees at all levels.

Participants Say...

Connection, Belonging & Trust

It reminded me that I am not alone and there is a network of support. Often when working remotely, and in a leadership role, it is not always easy to connect with another leader to vent/discuss/bounce ideas off of. Leadership can be tough, can be isolating and it is good to connect with other women leaders who experience similar situations.

It was not only a great networking opportunity but also we formed a great bond and trust within our team and felt comfortable sharing our issues openly. I really benefited from the action learning group by gaining insight from the team on how they handle difficult situations and also getting ideas and advice from the team on how to handle my own issues. It was an invaluable experience.

Engagement & Well-Being

The safe environment of like-minded women at different levels within their career was very valuable. I was able to discuss concerns and voice opinions/facts that I would have otherwise kept to myself for fear of retaliation or risk of job loss. It erased the feeling of, “I’m the only one going through this now”, that can be so dominating when things are tough, especially during leadership changes and transitions.

I learned how to look at my problem with a fresh perspective. I thought I was having a challenge with my boss, but a HUGE factor was understanding exactly what I wanted out of my career.

Learning & Development

So many people who don’t even know I am in this have said ‘thanks’ to me after ‘talking’ through problems with them, stating ‘wow, hadn’t thought about that, great question’ and at the end ‘thanks for asking the questions to allow me to figure this out on my own’. And, honestly, at the end, that last statement is exactly how I interpret this process. It is teaching how to ask the right questions so the person presenting the problem answers questions and by doing so, most times, solves their own problems. It is a pretty cool experience.

It trained a new skill set to allow me, as an individual, to work through some of my own roadblocks, but is a new tool in my toolbox to support my team and peers when they come to me with issues and concerns. I was able to use what I learned in these sessions to improve communication, troubleshooting and supporting my team. I was even able to bring it into my personal life to work through complex issues.

Jennifer Tuman

Meet Jennifer

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I strongly believe that everyone, no matter what level of the organization, has great potential and is driven to realize that potential. We spend so much of our time at work and numerous studies have pointed to the fact that employees are disengaged. My mission is to use Action Learning Coaching to drive individual and transformational growth in organizations, to create the conditions for employees to thrive and be their best selves at work.

I’m a lifelong learner with 20+ years’ experience as a university teacher, leadership and organizational development consultant, facilitator, coach, mentor. I’ve spent 10 years working overseas in Japan, Poland, Korea, Macedonia, Bhutan and China. I know from first-hand experience that people can develop a great deal by asking the right questions and by closely examining their assumptions and perspectives about themselves and the world around them.

I look forward to partnering with you to make a real difference in people’s lives, to ensure that your employees are “net better off” working in your organization.


Ways to Work Together

Custom Facilitation Program

Led by external coaches

Investment: $495 per person (cohorts of 6 recommended)

*Price varies based on number of participants and coaching sessions – volume discounts available.

Train-the-Trainer Program*

Builds capability of internal coaches

Investment: $15,000

*Can be delivered remotely or in person (travel expenses billed separately).

On Working with Jennifer

If you’re an HR leader who has a mandate to deliver high-impact employee development solutions that align with your organization’s strategy and business needs, I’d love to have a conversation to see if there’s a mutual fit.